Quiet ass rihanna :/

What happened? Lol

She blurred his face out in the loud tour DVD?!


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Kris Kross


Totally Krossed Out

(Ruffhouse, 1992)

R.I.P. Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly

One of my all-time favorite songs

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» Chapter 16 Part 2


After driving around LA with Rohan he loves when I speed on the highway and it made him happy that I was spending time with him. I finally started driving home; he was boppin his head to the loud music waving his arms around “ayeee” I shouted laughing at him while cheering him on listening to…

I’m in shock… Cerebral palsy tho ;((((

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Why does the Navy act like Rihanna hasn't shaded Drake before though or even Chris for that matter? Like Rihanna didn't blatantly un-claim drake in a million interviews, like she didn't blur his face out like he was some sort of criminal on the loud tour dvd, like she didn't call him a bitch ass nigga, an asshole, then question his authenticity about started from the bottom? like she hasn't contributed to that reputation he has for being a whipped "droopy" puppy dog? Please.

Shiiiiiit. I wasn’t expecting this but you pulled up with facts though. When I say that Rihanna has shaded Drake, people wanna get mad at me and be like, “How?!? Blah blah blah” but.. you just came thru with facts.

i feel like you be pretending to have writers block lol

No I don’t. I never said I have writer’s block right now.. I’m not home, I don’t have a computer, I don’t have stable wifi, and sometimes I just don’t feel like working on it :/

Do you think that Rih and Mel are fuckin???



Nas x Diddy

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a girl can respect herself and still take booty pics wtf y’all talkin about